A word to a Parent!

We often tend to think about things that we don’t want to.
Have you realized it?
Even when you try to forget something, you do think about it?
That’s because our brain is really powerful…it remembers every small detail that takes place in your life.
It is like a diary that notes down everything.
Whatever happens around us whether good or bad we absorb it.
The activities that take place around us have an effect on the way we react and our behavior.

There are some people who get angry a lot, who remain sad/ depressed all the time, who are lost in their own wonderland. We fail to recognize that there is something happening around them that makes them behave in such a manner. When it comes to environment around people, the first and foremost thing that plays a major role is their families.
We spend most of our time with family right?
Sometimes often parents fail to realize the way they behave & that has disastrous effect on their children.
Parents fighting all the time, not talking to each other makes the child depressed. He doesn’t know why this all is happening. Being strict is good but being over strict might have bad consequences. Saying no to whatever they ask for, making them realize how much they are spending, telling them the amount of money you are spending and how expensive they are; this all should not be done. Everything done in a limit is acceptable. Never leave your child wondering,”Why do they behave like this all the time? Why is that I have so many restrictions? Why don’t I have cool parents too?”
Many a times it is the parent’s behavior that makes their child break rules and do things their way.
You said No for a movie, that is why he bunked his college and went for a movie. Don’t say No all the time to such things. The more you say no to things that he asks you, he’s gonna do it without telling you. And further he might not ask you as well. Also shouting unnecessarily when they are hanging out with friends make them believe that you never want them to mingle with the outside world. He/she may merely become a sadistic being.
Fights all the time makes anger develop inside the child. He’ll always be that angry bird who gets angry on small things.

Never ever say to your children that “You are of no use or good for nothing”. Because you are his parents. Don’t repeat that every alternate day. Support your children in the things that they love. Following your passion is important rather than a lifetime regret. When they become your age don’t let them think if my parents would have allowed, then maybe I would have been doing that.

Be friends with your children. Make them understand difference between what’s good and bad. Be strict sometimes but not all the time. Have a jolly environment in your house. Because whatever you say and do is going to be etched in your child’s memory forever. Make sure that these memories are good ones. Your children love you and trust you a lot. It’s time you show trust on them too.

Be happy❤️

Have a great week ahead!!✌🏻


Sakshi Satpute💖

PS: Sorry for not being consistent in posting blogs. I’m busy with my college placement activities.😄


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