The Heroes that never returned💂

Today I sit back thinking of all the good times. Now that you’ve gone I have nothing but just our memories to think of.
I look back at our photos and read all the letters that you have written. A small smile came on my face. I wished I could’ve spent more time with you. Just when I was busy thinking about you, the door bell rings.
For my surprise, there is a postman standing with a letter in his hand which was written for me. And just when I read your name, I feel shattered. How can I tell him that the person who wrote this letter is no more?
I feel a lump in my throat and choose to be silent. Suddenly I feel
emptiness around.
Sadness grips me thinking, why was it important for him to leave his family?
Why? The question still repeats.
Finally, with tears in my eyes I decide to read the letter:

” Dear wifey,

It’s been a long time, I have written you a letter. You know how much I love writing letters to you.
I miss you all a lot. I wish I could spend more time with you all. We could’ve been a normal happy family. But as it is said duty comes first.
The sad part is this time I won’t be coming home early as I am posted on the border and the situation here isn’t good. Sometimes it feels like a
war condition, hope it all gets well soon.

I really just want the world to be at peace and all this violence to stop at once.
First of all, I’m extremely sorry this time also I won’t be able to come for our baby’s second birthday. Only God knows how badly I wish to be present there. But as you have always known me, it’s always my country, mother Earth first and then my family.
I know you’ll be upset but I promise whenever I’ll be back I will make up for it. We will spend best days together.

As a soldier, I always love serving my country and it is my job to make my country fellas safe. So that they can
live peacefully.
Lots of love to you and our baby.

Always remember whenever you feel low think about me. I’m always there with you.

Your loving husband❤️ “

Just after I finished reading the letter, I realized how selfish I was. I was just thinking about my happiness and on the other hand, my husband was being selfless. He always thought about his country first.
Suddenly the sadness on my face vanished and it was replaced with respect and pride.
For others, I might be just another martyr’s wife. But for me, I was a proud soldier’s wife whose husband died while serving his country. We often fail to realize their worth.

Soldier’s are the pride of our nation, who defends his motherland at the cost of his own life and blood.
He always keeps himself and his family inferior to his duties.
Being a soldier isn’t an easy job. You have to sacrifice a lot of things.
You can’t meet your family regularly or celebrate festivals and events with them.

We admire a lot of actors but it’s time we value our army who risk their lives to ensure that we all are safe.

When we celebrate our festivals at home enjoying they are busy
guarding us far from their family.

It’s high time we start respecting them. Whenever we spot an actor, we get excited and ask for an autograph. Similarly whenever you see a soldier say thank you. It’ll make them happy.

Let’s feel proud of our country’s soldiers.

Also here I would like to mention about an app called “Bharat ke Veer”. Here you can donate money to martyr’s soldiers family. You get to know about the details of his family and everything. So you can donate accordingly. I find this a really great
initiative as many families don’t receive the money they deserve.

“Being a soldier is more than courage. It’s sacrificing yourself for something greater than yourself”.

Have a great week ahead.💖

Sakshi Satpute❤️


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