Facade of happiness🎭

Life seems so complicated now. We live in a virtual world of social media where everything seems so nice and perfect.

My question is, Do you really think it is?

We still choose to rely on this fake world. All those perfect instagram and facebook profiles that we admire , are not perfect. It tends to only show what those people choose to. We tend  to believe its all true even though deep inside we know it isn’t.

Well, who doesn’t want their profile to look perfect?

It seems all happy and lovey dovey. People pretend to make their profile
look attractive. Better I’d say to make their life look perfect to others.
While trying to fit in we forget who we really are. Now it’s only confined to maximum likes and comments.  It sometimes seems or better feels like a competition.
When we desperately try to fake to look that happy person and all perfect, we loose our originality.  This same happens in real life when we try to be like someone else so that people would like us and accept us.

When we try to be a different person there are constant thoughts that run through your mind about how to react, behave etc. You start living life on terms.
Will that person that you choose to mask , stay with you forever?
Think about it.
Wouldn’t it be easy if we just be ourselves and let people around you accept you for what you are?

You are unique,  you are not suppose to be like someone else.

So, how long are you gonna carry that mask on your face?

No matter how much you try to please people, they are going to judge you anyways. Stop chasing people.

Eventually everything and everyone’s gonna go . No one’s gonna stay with you forever. You have to be yourself because you have to live with that forever.
Accept yourself the way you are.

“Be true to yourself”

Many people are going to enter your life and leave. Always be ready for detachments. Know how to deal with them , because if it is taken in a wrong way, it could lead to a big mistake or making you more worse.
Learn to move on from people who leave you and move forward.

I know we all try to keep others happy.
But, what do we do to keep ourselves happy?
Everyone has special talents, explore it. Do what you love,  because that’s something people can’t take away from you.
Do something that makes you happy.
So go treat and pamper yourself.

We humans have a tendency to think a lot. Actually we over think at times.

What if I do that and it goes wrong?

People are going to judge me, make fun of it.

Oh honey! It’s okay to make mistakes.  But what is important is to learn from them and never repeat them again.
Learn to accept your flaws and try to correct them.
Let go of whatever thoughts you have piled up on your heart and mind. Forgive those people who do bad to you but don’t forget what they did.

Remove ego, hate, selfishness and make space for love and all the good things.
When you let go of all the negative thoughts that’s when you make space for positive thoughts.

Try to be a better version of yourself always. 😄

“Understand you’re good enough all by yourself. “

Sakshi Satpute❤️

Ps: This blog is inspired from Shruti Ma’am

2 thoughts on “Facade of happiness🎭

  1. Hey! I found your blog as I am searching out positive spaces on the internet to do with self care 🙂
    I am in fact currently awaiting referral to an eating disorder clinic having just finished my a levels (yay..!) so reading your blog will be a welcome distraction! I look forward to future posts.
    I have also recently started my own blog posting every day to document my thoughts so if you could check that out and maybe follow along and offer any advice on blogging that would be so appreciated.
    Thank you and I hope you’re well!!
    Amy xx

    Liked by 1 person

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