Old school memories!😍

When we hear the word ‘school days’, suddenly there’s a flash of memories and fun days that instantly lights up our face. School is like nursery of our life. It is the foundation based on which we develop. It is the base of our physical and mental development.

We used  to hate school earlier, but now it’s the only thing which we crave to get back. That early morning alarm which we all used to hate. Everyday we wished a teacher would be absent, so that we can enjoy in the free lecture. Wishing teacher good morning as we were singing a song. During all lectures we sit, laziness grabbing us and suddenly when PT period starts there is a sudden energy that used to come within us. We all loved PT period right?

It was so much fun, playing in the scorching heat. We all used to hate if any teacher used to take that period. I still remember, whole class used to keep quiet when principal used to pass by.

We always hated doing homework, it seemed like a burden only now to realise how easy it was.
We were so restless that time and too enthusiastic to explore around us.

*whispers* Dude what you got in tiffin?
I got chips bro .
Dude, then what are you waiting for let’s eat it.

When eating during lectures was fun.When teacher used to watch the other side, grabbing a piece of food. It was all so fun. Having that “Champu” hairstyle well oiled and perfectly combed. It was  a place where appearance did not matter rather we didn’t pay attention to it. We never judged anyone that time. With friends every moment was enjoyable even when we were punished. If its with friends we are okay, right?

When teacher used to separate you and your best friend it was a mission to communicate with your friend. A task to be completed . Talking near dustbin while sharpening your pencil and not returning back until teacher scolds you. At that time becoming monitor of the class seemed like a great achievement.  Life was so easy back then, isn’t it?

When school used to re open it was great fun buying new school bags and water bottle. We loved to flaunt it among friends. Happiness was found in little things.

It was that golden phase of life where life was so stress free and it was all about enjoyment. No matter how much we used to hate it that time, now we all wished we could go back. It was a place where we made our first best friend, our favourite teacher,  our first crush and with loads loads of memories.
Not to forget the secret nicknames of teacher’s which only we could understand!

Now we can only do is wish to go back in time and relive that moments again. Our school
life has given so many memories to cherish it lifetime. They are going to be remembered forever. I can bet whenever we talk about our school days there is an unbeatable smile on our face that can never be replaced. That is the importance of school days in your life. Now when you meet your school friends you realise how much life has changed. Now that I stand in front of my school I see a flashback of all memories.

School is not preparation for life, but school is life!!💖

“Things end: but memories last forever”💞

Sakshi Satpute❤️


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