A letter to my future self !

Hey You,

First of all I’ll congratulate you for coming so far. You’ve really came across a lot. If you ever feel low about yourself read this. It’ll remind of what you overcame. In school days when teacher used to ask questions you never raised your hand, even though you knew the answer; just because you had the fear of being made fun of. People used to ask you not to smile just because you had gaps in your teeth. Every morning you used to wish that somehow you could get that perfect teeth. Sometimes you used to push them yourself hoping it would be alright.
You feared putting braces on; just because you thought people will start avoiding you. So you didn’t put it in school days.

You then had a operation in 8th or 9th . After which things changed ; you couldn’t walk properly.  People made fun of you saying, “Look at her, she can’t walk properly”. The little bit confidence you had within yourself vanished. You used to always walk on a straight line whichever caught your sight, making sure you walked in a straight line.  Suddenly that girl who used to be happy, cheerful, always excited about everything vanished. The girl who loved playing always; who used to also play football with boys suddenly disappeared. I know you were a happy girl before. Everything changed.  You stopped doing things that you loved. You became so conscious about your face, body and the way you walk. Somehow your college days passed. You entered Engineering college first year was pretty good. Then you were ditched by your best friends which left you devastated. Everything seemed ruined, and well that happened 2 days before your 19th birthday. Friends who cared for you made sure you were alright . But then as it is said past repeats itself you were again made fun of how you walk; then you started practising how to walk everyday.  See, you overcame all of this and still standing strong now.
You overcame the depression in which you stayed for years.

Well done my girl. You have a lot of power, a lot of strength to fight back all that have brought you down. You still managed to stand strong in an ocean whose waves continuously tried to drown you.
Now you have started exploring yourself,  loving yourself a bit more and caring about other people a bit less. You’ve started writing blogs the one thing which you love to do,  and you are doing pretty well my girl.

There is someone whose gonna love you like you are the only one. No matter how much you push him away he’s gonna come back. He’ll love you the way you are; your fat thighs and the chubby you.  He’s gonna be there for you forever. You are going to do good in life. There will be someone who will come to you and say that you inspired them. Your blogs make them feel better. That’s when you will realise how good you are. Don’t ever doubt on yourself. You are far more better than you think. You respect everyone. You never leave anyone alone because you know how it feels to be left alone. After completing your engineering you are going to have a good life. You’ll be happy and successful.  Don’t let that bubbly girl die inside you . Always be the way you are. You have hidden strengths which you have not found out yet; discover them.

Always trust God and believe that he always has the right plans for you.He wont put you somewhere where you don’t belong.  Love yourself and always believe in yourself. Because you are the only one whose going to stand up for yourself. Always enjoy life because it has got so much to offer.

Sakshi Satputeโค๏ธ

PS: Guys, I really cannot explain you the immensity of emotions and turmoil going inside me while I write this. This piece of writing describes the darkest side of my life and trust me… Revealing this, takes a lot of courage. I am happy that I finally did this but I was a bit afraid at first writing this.. but I believed atleast my readers will not have a prejudiced thinking. I believe they will not judge me. And with this note I will like to sign of.


4 thoughts on “A letter to my future self !

  1. I tell you about myself. It’s 10th grade I can’t speak a word of English. In 11th grade, my whole class except of 2 to 4 people were very good in talking in English. Our English literature class teacher, inspired to talk in English irrespective if it’s wrong.

    I remember when I first try to spoke in front of class instead of He I said She and kept on going.

    The whole class was laughing all boys, so you can imagine the bullying that has happened.

    But I kept going, and in the next year, I got so much confidence that in the class my teacher appreciated me that I jump out of my box and did what I have to do.

    I didn’t had a single friend in college. The one got, he was interested with rich people, I was way poor that time.

    Now I have a big circle of friends online and offline I am still working on it. I have a 5 figure job.

    It’s all in your head, don’t let yourself degrade. You have a special gift in life. Seek it and work it.

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