Random Musings!

As usual it is a normal  boring morning….

Being a lazy girl I would rather prefer lying whole day in my bed wearing pyjamas and enjoying my favourite shows.

I really never enjoyed going to college because being the nerd girl, I was never that sort of popular.  Maybe according to all the popular girls I never used to put makeup on my face nor fancy clothes. Loose t- shirts , sneakers was all about my style. I felt most comfortable in this attire.

Whenever you enter my classroom you can spot me sitting in a corner, wearing big glasses reading books. Well, I love reading books a lot.

According to everyone I am the boring type but only few know how deep and interesting ocean I am.

I am very infamous,  no one has crush on me , just a simple nerd girl with some dreams to be fulfilled.
It is not that I don’t interact much with people, it is just that I don’t want to get hurt by their comments.

Sometimes even I wished I could completely transform myself into a pretty face and slim body. I also want to be popular and want to be the center of attraction among people. I really don’t know how it feels like to experience all of this.

But as it is said “All that glitters is not gold” there might be a different scenario to this. I don’t want to change myself completely but just for once I want to give myself a makeover to show people that I can be this too.

But for now I am happy in my own world being the nerd , boring girl who loves to do what she loves. I am happy as I am.;)

By the nerd girl.:)

Sakshi Satpute❤️

Hey guys, hope you have a great weekend!!!💞 Have fun.🎉 😄


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