Everything’s Gonna Change…

One year later things are gonna change…..

Everything won’t be the same . We might not be together all the time.
We are going to face a lot of hardships and problems. After all we are going to face the real world.

The path that we both choose to walk upon will not be all happy and filled with roses.
Yes, it might have roses but it will also be full of thorns.

Our journey is not going to be easy. The struggle is going to be real.  There will be many people ready to tear you apart. There will be fights, misunderstandings but these in all should only make us more stronger. We might not meet for weeks, months but the love between us should not reduce.

It should be nurtured and it should increase with passing time rather than just ending up abruptly due to some silly reason.
Everything now seems easy because we are in college but once we step out of our comfort zone things will not be the same.

All I want to ask you is will you be with me during all this time?

Will you fight for me or just give up?

I want you to promise that you will stay with me all this time.

It is just a phase that will pass away .
I want you to take a stand and fight for me in all this difficult time.

On this road called life,which is filled with many adventures, there will be many people that will enter and leave your life, the only thing that needs to be constant in you life is “Me” .

Because one year later dear things are going to change.!!💖

Sakshi Satpute❤️

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