Self-Harm !

This is one of the most common option we teenagers choose either to get something or to punish ourselves for something.
But is this option really the best one which you could opt for ?
Will the people around you, be happy seeing you suffer ?
I know you face a lot of problems in your day to day life.
I also understand sometimes it feels tiring and a kind of burden that we carry.

Hey you, reading this blog , never harm yourself.  Never ever do this to punish yourself , its useless. Whatever situation has made you take this decision, it can’t be big enough to take this audacious step! You are just hurting yourself and the only result of this are the scars which  you’ll carry for the rest of your life!

Sometimes there are certain events that take place that leaves you heartbroken.  You feel so devastated by such events that you don’t understand what to do….
Sometimes it gets so complicated and disastrous that we want it all to end at once . The first thing that comes in mind is to either end our lives forever or to harm ourselves so badly that in that pain we forget the previous pain.

I ask you again will this help to solve the very problem? Is this the solution to it ?
No, of course not! There are many other options as well but we don’t want  to think beyond it.
I know it’s hard to get out of such  situation where you are stuck and there is a lot of chaos in your mind.
Even  I have faced such situations.
But let me tell you, you have no rights to harm your self and cause yourself this pain. And now some of you may ask, “Who the hell is she preaching us. It’s my life and I will do whatever I want!”

But my friend, let me tell you that it’s not just your life. There are various other lives linked with you. There are many other smiles which broaden when you smile! You don’t have the right to snatch away their happiness just because you’re feeling sad.
Look at me I know you are strong,  and you’ll get out of this . Don’t let  this overpower your mind. You can do way more better this was just a failure or breakup or fight.
I know it’s gonna be a tough time to get over it and smile  again. This all is not gonna happen in an instant or an hour , you have to give time.
I wont say you’ll be all happy again , those memories are gonna flashback. You might even face those people again or might even work with them . It will make  your wound fresh again, but don’t let your mind to get affected by this. Get out of it. Be strong, be patient give time.

Now that you have thrown blade away and decided to live again to the fullest. Let me tell you that I trust you and everything will be fine. Just give yourself some time and you’ll find things getting back to their right places.

All the dark clouds surrounding you are gonna disappear and you’ll enjoy a rainbow again. 🌈:)
Lots of love💕 💞
Have a great weekend ahead!!!

Sakshi Satpute❤️

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