Should I or Should I not ?

Well this question comes in everyone’s mind when we decide to do something!
When we buy a dress we think  whether other people will like it or not,should I buy it or not?
Should I take up this course or not?
Should I travel this long or should I just leave it ?
There are many things that we think upon all the time and the result that we decide to is the one on which most of the crowd acts upon!!
We hesitate a lot to make a different decision!
Sometimes though we love to choose the other path but we choose the most walked upon path in dilemma.

Why are we so hesitant? Why are we so confused all the time ?
Why do we have to think about others before making a decision ?
Why is it so difficult to go against people’s opinion and make a difference?

When I decided to start writing blogs there were many questions in my head….
Will people love to read my blogs?
Will I be able to make a difference in the people’s life who read my blog?
Am I that capable to put forward my thoughts properly in a systematic way ?
After all this chaos in my mind I decided to rise above all of these thoughts and chose to do what I love !

I have different opinions with people around me. Everyone has different perception of seeing things around. What other people say are just opinions and not facts. People around you are always gonna judge you , so why live life on their terms and conditions ?
Take chances, do what you love. Don’t hesitate to take a tougher path or a less walked way!!. You never know what results awaits your decision.  The decision you take might sometimes lead to failure , but don’t get disheartened it might definitely teach you some life lesson and prepare you for the next decision you make.

“A moment of hesitation will lead to a lifetime of regrets!”

So do what you love and don’t fear to take a leap of faith on what you believe.
Hope you all achieve whatever goals you have!!
Lots of love to you all 💞

Sakshi Satpute ❤️

Ps: I have my unit tests going on and I’m writing this blog because that’s what I love doing and it helps me keep myself motivated!!!!💓💯

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