Dedicated Blog❤️

Hello, pretty people
I know half of you won’t be even interested to read this blog, but I will write anyway😂, because I write to express and I am least bothered what others think about me.
Now, this blog is dedicated to three special people in my life.
You might have read their names in my previous blogs also. I would love to describe them one by one.

She is my doraemon, my cutest friend , Manali❣️.
We are friends since we were in school. I remember she used to get chakli for me in tiffin.
Oh did I just mentioned chakli, I’m sad I can’t eat it because of my braces. Sorry for going off topic 😜
We don’t meet everyday. We have a record for not meeting for two consecutive days and the biggest irony is that we stay nearby. She cracks a lot of lame jokes and her all time famous dialogue “Aisa kya”.
Manali if you’re reading this, please stop cracking lame jokes.
(Ps: You have to read all my blogs because you are my best friend) From being the laziest ass to the cutest, yes she’s my momo too cute to handle!!

Second person is Abhinav. He’s my muffin. I have never met such a crazy person.  He makes weird sounds in lectures. I don’t know why am I even friends with him? He loves to irritate me a lot, though I irritate him more. Cracking lame jokes all the time yes, that’s typical Abhinav. The best part about him is that he never gets angry on me. You can never be sad when he is around. So cute that’s why I call him muffin💝 . He’s a person with a beautiful heart.He is way too positive about everything.  After reading this don’t flaunt okay!

Did you guys just realize that I gave them nicknames related to food ?😜
Even, I realized it just now while writing this blog.
No wonder I love food so much!!!😋

Third person is Abhishek pandey a.k.a panda🐼. I don’t remember the last time when I addressed him by his name!! I usually call him Abhishek when I am angry!! Though we are in the same college we have never met yet. He doesn’t has time for me. You are rude Mr. Panda. He is the sweetest person you will meet always ready to help you! You have been there for me always to support me. By the way I have started writing blogs because he encouraged me to do so.

These people are my pillars of strength. Survival without them is tough. They are more than just best friends, they are family.  When I am with them I am the happiest. They are such idiots who’ll make you laugh even when you are crying!
No one can ever replace you guys. I don’t know what I’ll do without you all . You people mean a world to me. They have stood  with me during my bad times and celebrated during good times. These people are worth keeping and hold a very special place in my heart. I’m not gonna share you guys with anyone.  You are all the best I have.
Thanks for always being there for me!💞
I love you!!💖

Ps: Misal,Prachi,Nikita,Tanya,Sneha I love you all also!!❤️

Sakshi Satpute❤️


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