Woaw It’s Februaryyyy..!!🎉

February is my favourite month.
Other people might like it because its the month of love  but for me it’s totally different.
I don’t like feb beacuse it has valentine’s day and all. I’m least interested in this. For me love is a mere illusion. This month is filled with happiness because guess what it’s my BIRTHDAY month! Wohoo. And to add to it, we also have our college festival in this month. Beginning of feb , ALEGRIA and at the end my birthday.

Ps: I can only celebrate my birthday with a bash if my results are good.😝

When February arrives it gives a sense of joy to me and an assurance that everything will be fine. We February people are special. I never believe in “new year, new me” resolutions, because I know I will still remain the same lazy person I am! Half of them don’t follow the resolutions they make.

Why try to do something which you won’t even follow?

Just try to be a better person this year.

It’s 1st feb today and hoping to have the best month and year ahead full of enjoyment and happiness.

Sakshi Satpute❤️

Ps: I know I’m posting this blog late.As an engineer, we are master procrastinators.😂


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