Know your value!

​Yesterday, when I was sitting idle a random thought just struck me, “Why is that, everyone texts me when they need something or they have a problem?”

It’s quite irritating when someone does that. When I need someone to talk to, they are all busy and even if they reply it always seems they are disinterested.

Is that they have no one to talk to or share their problems that they text me or call me?

Am I an go to  option for them?

And you know what is more worse, when we help them get over through the problem and find a solution , they don’t even realise to text us back to tell that everything is fine and sorted now!

But later, when I thought on this topic for long I realised that maybe when they are sad or in a problem my name comes in their head.

Wow, it’s actually so great that they think about me.

I’m the candle that they need during their darkness to get rid of it.

This should actually be taken in a good way! I am their go to person and the first thing that they think about! Well guys don’t get disheartened if few people only message​ you when they need something or are in trouble because you are the sun who can make their day or better say life bright!

You are a glimmer of light in the tunnel of darkness, a hope, a silver lining in a dark cloud! So be proud of that thing and move forward!:)💜

Sakshi Satpute💜

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