Hey guys, I hope you all are doing well.

Well, if I ask you to describe about a certain movie plot you can speak on it for hours and if I ask you to describe yourself you’ll hardly speak 5-10 lines!
Why is it so easy to describe a movie or someone else and tough to talk about yourself?
*I am no exception to this..But certainly I thought why not give it a try!*
Well I know it’s too late to write a blog on myself! But guess what it’s never to late to write it !

I’m currently in TE pursuing IT engineering I know I’m doing totally opposite of what I’m supposed to do.
Playing badminton is my favourite sport. From being totally weird to cracking lame jokes ya that’s totally me.
By the way I have a very weird habit I know many of you’ll will laugh after reading this I don’t even know why I’m mentioning it here!
I have weirdest habit of watching food channels and guess what I’m such a person that has never entered kitchen.. simply watching food gives me satisfaction! And yes I’m a all time foodie!! 😝

Love helping people, craziest person alive and yes never ending love for balloons.😆

I am who I am because I was always open to being challenged for my beliefs, and I am at peace because then I’m not trying to control everything around me that is different from me so that I, can feel more powerful
I might look weak but you have mistaken me I’m more strong than you think . No one can try to steal my happiness.
My small world consists of few special friends Manali (momo), Michelle (chutki), Abhishek (panda) & Abhinav (muffin).💞

The main motive behind writing these blogs is that Whatever I have gone through or whatever I have faced I don’t want someone else to go through this! And if at all someone has then they should not feel lonely and devastated and take some drastic step! I just hope that I can help at least one person out there and help  them see the positive side of  life. To assure them that they are not alone in this fight💖
Stay happy and have the best week ahead!!! 😄

Sakshi Satpute❤️

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