2016 at a glance..

2016 was full of ups and downs for me. Overall it wasn’t that great year!
I have lost many people and gained few new friends. I have lost those people who once meant the world to me ,for whom I was ready to do anything ! After all once they were my mains. But as time passes you realise that you have invested your time, trust and energy on the wrong ones…
They didn’t leave any chance to make me feel worst!
And yes if they could behave like this it simply means that all this time you were nothing for them.
They made me feel miserable about myself! The best option was to remove them off because guess what, you don’t need such kind of negativity in your life!

There was a time when I lost all interest in life. Everything was shattered and I started  feeling hopeless. But thanks to the few special friends because of whom I could overcome all this. They made every damn effort to take me out of all this and to do this they made my birthday really very special .!!
Now at  this point when I’m writing all this , I don’t feel bad for anything because I have realised they were not needed in my life anymore. A Special thanks to Abhinav and Manali who stood beside me always and never judged me based on other’s opinion!!

The thing which I learnt by the end of this year is you don’t need people who don’t make you feel good about yourself.  Don’t keep negative people around you ! The most important thing is never ever harm yourself for people who don’t even care for you! Never put yourself in such a situation that you make yourself feel so miserable and sad. Others should not get the satisfaction to see you suffering.

Everyday is a challenge for me and yes if I have survived this I can survive anything. I have become more strong now and I own my happiness no one can define it. 😊
On this road called life you have to take good with bad, Smile the sad, love what you got, and remember what you had. Always forgive , but never forget,  learn from your mistakes , but never forget . People change. Things go wrong. But just remember , ride goes on! 💞
Hope you all stay strong and happy , and have the best year ahead!!💖

Sakshi Satpute ❤️

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