What does this word actually mean? Do we know the real meaning?
If I ask you to describe your life till now what will you mention happy times, sad moments or both?

I would like to ask you a next question. . Are you happy with your life? I don’t really know what your answer to this question will be. ..!
If you are leading a happy life, are the people around you happy ?
And if you think you are living the worst life.. I would like to ask you the reason why you think so.. you think you have the deepest of sorrow. Take a look around you there are people living with the deepest of scar still willing to smile through it.

There are people who loose their entire family in a accident within seconds,  a mother who gives birth  to a still born, wife that looses her husband in war!! Do u still think you have the worst life ?

Guys, everyone has problems how you deal with it shows your outlook towards life!!
You have just a small amount of time on this earth how you utilise it, is up to you. Live life in such a way that you inspire people around you! First love yourself and then you’ll be able to love the people around you! Don’t miss a single chance to tell your loved ones how much they mean to you!

Find purpose of your life… Be selfless and not selfish! Don’t spread negativity around you!
What you give, is what you get in return. We need to be kind to one another  because we don’t know what the other person is going through!
Do things that you love to do! Don’t have the regret that I wish I could do this or that .Always try to increase your capabilities and push your boundary forward!

There is very less time to do what all you wish for, you never know which is your last day!Live everyday as if it is you last day!

“Make every second in your life count and live life in such a way that you are remembered even when you are gone ♥”

Sakshi Satpute ♥

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