Like everyone I  too dreamt of having a love story. I would date that perfect guy as shown in movies and books.. 

Yes, I did meet the guy but the only difference was  he did nothing as such to make me feel loved or special. Flirting with other girls was like a daily routine for him. He never loved me the way he loved other girls. He cheated on me. And the love story I thought of came to an tragic end!!

I was left heartbroken..

Everything was a lie!!! I remained depressed for days , I just stopped enjoying life.
But then I realised that guy was not worth my love.. he never deserved my love!!
I wiped my tears…chose to be strong again instead of staying depressed for days!

I know breakups are hard, the person we think will stay with us forever leaves us all of a sudden… but then just look around , there are are people living out there with deepest of scars..

This is life my friend, we all suffer from sadness and get buried with deep sorrows. But moving on or letting it hit you hard is all your choice.You are more stronger than you think…

Dear girls, never cry for a guy who never valued you! Don’t just quit living for a guy. Leaving you didn’t make any difference in his life. So why does it make a difference in yours? Don’t just remain sad. Be happy, enjoy life and don’t give anyone the charge of your happiness.Remember that “It is You that define your happiness โค๏ธ”

13 thoughts on “Heartbreaks!💔

  1. It was good. I would like to write conclusion to this blog “never stay on same page for long time it wont change the content , its always better to turn the page may be you will find something awesome ๐Ÿ™‚ “.

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