To all the pretty girls out there, you are all beautiful in our own ways!!
That scar, stretch marks add to your beauty! No matter you are fat, skinny, dark or fair you are absolutely gorgeous…
Don’t let the judgemental comments of people around you affect you, because people always have something to say. That guy who rejected you saying you are not good for him, don’t feel bad he did not deserve you!  There will be one guy out there who will see your inner beauty past your flaws!♥
All the heart breaks, fights, sorrow, crying to sleep have made you more stronger!!

Girl, you have come a long way and survived all of  this. This shows how strong you are and I know you’ll manage further also!
You are different and don’t compare yourself with others because you are special the way you are. Don’t try to be like the girl who’s famous and wanted by everyone,  just be the way you are and  the right people will come to you.
Appreciate every single flaw and scar that you have because they define the real ‘YOU’.
My love you are beautiful because you are one of the best creation of God. Feel proud of you till wherever you have reached♥

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